Weeds, weeds, weeds

So, growing season on Colorado can be super exciting. When I moved to Eastern Colorado, I took advantage of the knowledge gained by the many farms around me, and got a consistent guideline of: DO NOT GROW ANYTHING UNTIL AFTER MOTHERS DAY. It’s practically the 11th commandment out here. So I stash my seeds away, and try not to get too enthusiastic about the weirdly warm weather. However walking out and touring my future garden I notice SO MANY WEEDS. 

I’m no fool, I know these suckers will grow just about anymore, but I feel like I just blinked and there they were! So this morning, brand new weeder in hand, I set to the task of weeding my plot of land. 

No one was more confused by this task than my dog Pineapple, who has had the pleasure of me chasing her out of my plot on a regular basis. Upon seeing me digging weeds up, she decided to help in places with weeds, without weeds, etc, and about an hour later, we gazed out over a weed free plot. In the mean time…Will be researching more effective ways of weed control. 


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