Covered Garden Box Adventure!

True to Colorado, in one week I have had glorious, sunny, 70 degree days….quickly followed by freezing rain, and finally ending in a few inches of snow. This got me thinking about my spring time gardening aspirations, a lot of resources recommend starting your garden after Mother’s Day. However as Colorado is famous for…the weather can literally change in the blink of an eye, and I have been experience to a handful of June snowstorms in my lifetime.

Bearing that in mind, my not so secret addiction of pinterest showed me the wonderful world of covered garden boxes. The one plan I settled was maybe a little too ambitious for my novice DIY skills:, however it did fit all of the requirements I had in mind: solid frame, a critter barrier, and a solution to the freak cold days.

Garden box

Now this is not completely completed yet, I plan on adding chicken wiring to the pvc piping, and some type of a plastic cover over that to protect during the wind.


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