Overly Ambitious?

Before we moved into our house we were living in an apartment. I had big dreams of having a huge garden someday, maybe some chickens, maybe even a goat? So to keep the dream alive my mother got me my first book on homesteading. I’m going to be frank, going full-blown homesteader seemed terrifying….while the idea of producing all the goods we would every need in our very own backyard…..I really liked netflix, and my own personal laziness factor made the whole thing very daunting.

So while perusing my homestead book there was a piece about only growing what you will actually eat. This seems like it would be common sense, but I can attest that once you get into that seed aisle you want to grow IT ALL. So after doing some research on veggies that would do will in the temperamental Colorado climate, and good beginner veggies that could hopefully survive my novice gardener skills, I settled on: carrots, green beans, brussel sprouts, lettuce, spinach, watermelon, tomatoes, cucumbers, and various cooking herbs.

Fun fact: Seeds are small…that does not mean the end product will be, so when calculating out how many seeds to plant I thought 12 was sufficient…surely not all of them would survive initially. Well they did. So next adventure for tomorrow will be planning out grow space….wish me luck!


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