Holy green beans

When pondering what veggies to grow I immediately thought of green beans. I just love them with just about anything. Being a novice cook among other things I have also come to appreciate that it is really hard to mess up cooking green beans. Anyways….So when I first invested in some seed starters, I figured I had some time to get the rest of my garden supplies together since at literally any moment we Coloradans could be subject to a snow storm.

Jiffy pods provided the necessary soil I needed and the added bonus of a lid, I could recreate greenhouse conditions in my relatively dry climate. With seeds successfully planted I happily drove to town for my three days of work, and upon returning….

Holy green beans…..Seeings as it is still February in Colorado, some creative thinking is required to keep these babies alive until the ground thaws. Yes yes…Looking back now I realize perhaps starting later this whole ordeal could have been avoided, but here we are. Enter grow bags! Happy little felt bags to place plants in that allow them to both continue growing while being cheap and mobile to allow to but many at once, and move them on and out of my sunroom as needed.

We shall see how this goes in the coming week…


One thought on “Holy green beans

  1. Good luck. The grow bags may be a good idea. I’ve never started beans indoors, so it will be interesting to hear how it goes. That was fast germination, which bodes well for starting other seeds later if these don’t work out or you have other crops to seed.


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